‘London Bridge Is Falling Down…, Has Kolkata Turned Into London By CM’


Kolkata: Only three days have past to the incident of Majerhat bridge collapse, in a span of three days another bridge collapsed in Fashideoya of Siliguri, in North Bengal on Friday morning. Back to back three bridges has collapsed in two months in Bengal.Meanwhile, this has increased political pressure on Mamata government. As this bridge was the only communication route between Chathat-Fashideoya, therefore, it has worried the locals.

Though there has been no reports of casualty. The Fashideoya police reached the spot and took the stock of the incident. The bridge collapsed while a truck was passing through it, hence the truck driver was injure.West Bengal Tourism Minister Goutam Deb has snubbed CPM saying, “The bridge at Fashideoya was built during the tenure of the Left. Question has been raised on its construction and it’s maintenance.”

North Bengal development minister Rabindranath Ghosh also accused the CPM for being responsible for the bridge collapse. Ghosh also claimed that this accident is due to the bad work done during the CPM tenure. Reply to the TMC, North Bengal CPM leader Jeevesh Sarkar said that the government can not avoid it’s responsibility in this way.

The CPM state secretary Surjya Kanta Misra said in Muzaffar Ahmed Bhaban of Alimuddin street on Friday said, “TMC should first take care and oversee the the Majherhat issue than the Fashideoya bridge collapse.In our childhood we read a nursery rhyme… London Bridge is falling down, Falling Down … Falling Down …, has Kolkata turned into London by CM.”

He also added that, “Whatever was built by the CPM government, maintenance of those things was responsibility of the ruling government of the state. Chief Minister can answer the question, why there was no work on e-tender, why the bridges were only painted over. 20 wheels heavy vehicles will be prohibited on the bridge now onward. But if they maintain the bridges properly, then heavy vehicles could run on the bridges”Misra, “The government should go for neutral investigation of the bridge.” What will the officers do? Whoever is the head of a department, he has to nabbed. And if it does not happen than it will be clear that the Chief Minister is also involved in this.” On asking – What will happen to the 20 wheels vehicles? He further added that, “Does the Chief Minister want to shut down the Kolkata Port. How can the port be run if heavy trucks are banned?”

However, the second part of the nursery rhyme was not mentioned by Misra, but it describes the present situation of our city, especially the feature of every bridges perhaps, “Build it up with iron bars, iron bars, build it up with iron bars …”. Well the rhyme ends with the line “….My fair lady”. Everyone hoping that Misra’s message will reach ‘the lady’ as she is fond of poems and literature too.