Locket Chatterjee Leaves Modi’s Rally


Durgapur: An ‘insulted’ Locket Chatterjee left Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally on Saturday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to hold two public rallies in West Bengal. The first rally is already complete. The second one is scheduled at 3pm at Durgapur.

In this rally, Locket Chatterjee is scheduled to be present with the PM at the stage. She even reached the place at the perfect time. But then the problem took place.

According to sources, after going to Durgapur venue, she saw that her name was not mentioned anywhere. The huge banner at the rally also did not have Locket Chatterjee’s name or picture. In other places away from the rally, it also did not bear her name or picture anywhere. The BJP Mahila Morcha leader felt insulted and left the venue. Along with Locket, her supporters also left the venue.

Locket was given the responsibility of Durgapur’s Modi’s rally. She also monitored the entire thing. She also held a press conference on the arrangement of the rally. But her name was no where.