Locals Rescued 5Ft Venomous Snake In Jalpaiguri


Jalpaiguri: Nearly five feet long venomous snake was rescued from Patkata colony area of Jalpaiguri. Panic sparked in the locality after the snake was recovered. Locals gathered to see the snake on Friday.

The snake was first seen hanging in a water pipe of a resident of that area Taposh Sarkar. The snake was trapped in the water pipe. Noticing this, he immediately informed the environment lover Biswajit Dutta. He came and rescued the snake and released it in a safe place.

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Environment lover Biswajit Dutta said that, “It was a venomous snake. It’s age was about 11 years. As all the holes where the snakes resides were filled with water so it entered the house for a safe shelter. At that it was stuck inside the water pipe.

The snake was rescued from there. Although no injury mark was found on it’s body. Now the snake has been left in a safe place.