Locals Reject Mayor’s ‘No Fire-Extinguisher’ Logic


Kolkata: Rejecting claims by Mayor and Fire Service Minister Mayor Sovan
Chatterjee, the Bagri locals lashed out saying that every needed equipment was
there in the market. The Mayor had claimed earlier in the day that the market did
not have any fire extinguishers.

DG of Fire Tending Service said that it will take 48 hours to bring the fire
completely under control. He is present at the spot from the wee hours of the

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According to sources, the Corporation gave a green signal to the Bagri market’s
trade license. Questions arise that if there is no fire extinguisher, then how was
the trade license given. However, no reaction has been given by the corporation.
Mayor Paarishad (market) Amiruddin Bobby however claimed that Bagri market do not
fall under the Corporation.

According to sources, Bagri was given the green nod from the fire service
department in July this year. Then how could such a major incident take place? Was
the nod given without taking anything into consideration? Questions arise.

The market businessmen have put the blame on the fire service. They claimed that
despite having fire-extinguishers, it did not work as there was no current. The
fire tenders arrived late after an hour which allowed the fire to spread. The
operation got delayed as the vehicles did not have water. The Mayor has rejected
such claims. He said that there were no fire-extinguishers. There were inflammable
substances, chemicals and plastic in large numbers which caused the fire to spread