Bagri Fire Continues, Mayor Visits Site Again

  • Mayor visits the Bagri market site again.
  • Walls and stairs of a part of Bagri market building collapses.
  • The forensic department has reached the spot of Bagri fire incident.
  • Inadequacy of water puts the fire-servicemen into problems.
  • Fire still on at 1:30 pm.
  • Commissioner of Police Rajiv Kumar at the spot.
  • Explosion in AC machine at the market’s 2nd floor.
  • Fire spreads to upper floors.
  • Bagri market fire still raging.

Kolkata: The fire which has already gutted all of its shops, is still raging even after 30 hours. Will it be doused today, that is, on Monday? Or more time is needed. What is in fate? Stay with us LIVE.