Do We Live In The Age of Tantriks?


Piku Mukherjee (Argha): Today we live in cyber age. Dreams of smart cities are luring us. But National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) shows an awesome picture which depicts the real scenario of our ‘awareness’. According to the Bureau’s statistics child/human sacrifices are still a part of our life. Believe it or not. In 2014, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh together accounted for 75% (2 cases each out of 16 cases) of murders due to child/human sacrifice.

Child/human sacrifices are the heinous acts of killing as the offerings to some type of bloodthirsty deity, as the part of some monstrous ritual. Victims are notoriously murdered in a manner that was supposed to please or appease violent gods/goddesses or evil spirits.


Generally it is believed that child/human sacrifices occur in remote villages, where belief in black-magic and occult is widespread. But faith in occult is such contagious that it also lures so-called urbanized cultural and educated populace. Sometimes we saw that beheaded bodies in paddy field, which is thought to be a ritual sacrifice, intended to conjure up a better harvest. Witchcraft is also a threat. A section of the society still believes that child/human sacrifices could bring vitality and potentiality. The state like Maharashtra already endorsed a law to prevent such occultism. Almost two years since it was passed, the Maharashtra Anti-Superstition and Black Magic Act (2013) is fast becoming a model act for other state governments and rationalist groups. The state of Assam has already moved for it. Same path has been taken by Rajasthan assembly. The appalling crime record shows Bengal is one of the top-seeded states in this satanic crime zone. Why not such type of law would not be enacted immediately in Bengal also? These satanic rituals portray darker images of India to other countries.

Many Indians who live in superstitious atmosphere gradually believe in some horrific stupidity instead of reasons and modern ideas. May be those are rural people, may be urban. It is very unfortunate that still in our 21st century’s Indian society many pervert, greedy cult-figures and occultists with gluttony are admired publicly as divine personalities. Today, India is the world’s fastest economy. But these cultural hemorrhages cause disrespecting effect for the country.