‘Little Santa Of New Town’ On Christmas Eve


Kolkata: As the phrase goes, ‘A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words’, it reminds us about planting smiles on the face of each one us and showering small happiness to turn each day beautiful. When this smile turns out to be a laughter, it gives a feeling of unbridled joy. This joy is all about celebrating Christmas when the Santa arrives in the city to spread smiles. Kolkata is all about celebrating Christmas near Park Street, well known for its embellished carnivals.

The southern part of the city also sees celebration either in the malls or in the posh clubs. But the other areas of the city remain entirely untouched. With this thought, InSync Tech-Fin Solutions gave a noble touch this time for the greater good of the people located around the eastern part of the city. This year’s Christmas kicked off with a different note for the people of New Town. InSync has become the ‘Little Santa of New Town’ on the Christmas Eve.

This yule tide, when the city has been all decked up with the colourful seasons end, InSync takes the initiative of painting the city in the most unique way by distributing little Christmas gift to the underprivileged children, the hard-working sweepers, the arduous labourers, the unfaltering civil workers and those who are involved in the task for earning wages in the daily chores to make their moments merry.

Clad in Santa Caps and InSync trademarked T-shirts, InSync superheroes has set the stage for this celebration with our society’s mate to make this day special. The Superheroes’ benevolence has rendered these labourers and children for this special occasion and gifted them with little smiles with the tag ‘Superheroes of our society,’ who are burning the midnight oil for our city to turn it clean and green.

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