Lisa Ray Unwell, Hospitalised


Victoria: Recently it was reported that Lisa Ray was unwell and hospitalised. Some years ago, Lisa went through a life-changing experience when she was detected with a rare form of cancer. This time, connecting from Hong Kong, Lisa says there is nothing to worry about.

“It’s minor. I had my appendix removed,” she adds. Her involvement with Multiple Myeloma, the disease that struck her some time ago, remains undiminished. She says, “While at present there is no cure, and I am living with the disease, I believe that I can still live a full and satisfying life.”

Lisa remains an incorrigible optimist. Lisa says, “I believe that miracles are available to us, if we make ourselves available to them. My career was a happy accident. From becoming a super model at 16 to starring in iconic videos like Afreen Afreen, to my Bollywood launch in Kasoor to Deepa Mehta’s Water and my stint on Top Chef, it’s been a beautiful trajectory.”
Lisa will soon publish her memoirs. “I want to share my story. A large part of my life recently has been informed by spirituality and the search for self-realisation,” she says.

Her marriage to management consultant Jason Dehni continues to give Lisa a high. She says, “He is the perfect husband. If I knew marriage could be so much fun, maybe I would have explored it earlier. I am with the man who is perfect for me.”

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