Liquor Shops, Pubs To Go For Early Closure In Poll Bound Goa

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Panaji:  The administration has ordered that all liquor shops, bars, restaurants, pubs, food joints, shacks, etc., in Goa will close by 11 pm in view of February’s elections.

“All the liquor shops, bars, restaurants, pubs, food joints, shacks should be closed everyday by 11 pm from January 6 to February 2,” an order issued on Friday said.

Assembly elections would be held in Goa on February 4.

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If any of these establishments is found to be open beyond 11 pm, its licence will be cancelled and the owner would face action under section 188 of Indian Penal Code (disobedience to order of public servant).

The administration has also asked flying squads to keep a strict watch on the bars and other places where liquor is sold, as “liquor and food items are usually used by the candidates and political parties to lure voters”.

The district magistrate and district election officer have issued directions to the flying squads, officials of excise department, sector magistrate, police or any other authorised person to keep a strict watch on the movement of large consignment of India Made Foreign Liquor, beer or any other liquor to avoid its distribution by contesting candidates, the order said.