Liquor Shop Doing Business On National Highway


Suri: A liquor shop at Hetampur area of Dubrajpur is doing brisk business without caring about the recent order of Supreme Court. The liquor shop is situated within 200 meters from the National Highway.

Last month, a bench headed by chief justice JS Khehar of Supreme Court said the liquor shops were ordered to be removed to a distance of 500 metres from either side of the state and national highway in the “interest of the public health.”

Local residents who came out to protest allege that local administration is keeping a blind eye. How is it possible that a liquor shop is not abiding the apex court’s order?  Most of the protesters were women as they are the ones who are most hard hit.

The male members are all addicted to it. They spend all their hard earned money for buying liquor. It is becoming increasingly difficult for us to make both ends meet. Even the young generations are not spared. Besides there is a primary school and a girls’ school situated close to that liquor shop.

Nobody was available for comment from the administration side.

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