Lipstick causes shortage of Intellect

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California: Lipstick! Often plays instrumental in the male fantasy drive. The rosy lips, the slender curve, the passionate warmth often lead men to the sensuous ecstasy. But have women ever realized or is aware of the fact that usage of excessive lipstick or lip gloss often leads to the fading away of intellect. Yes ladies, although it feels splendid to tag beauty with brains, in reality the process of enhancing beauty often leads to the shortage of brain!

Recently, in an article in the Health Perspective journal, a research held by Professor Auckland and University of California, it is being found out that lipstick contains lead in it and the excessive use of lipstick or lip gloss leads to dumbness. Chemically, the metal ‘lead’ accumulates in human body and causes dumbness in the human behavior. Indirectly it affects the grey matter of the brain and causes adverse, unintellectual behavior among girls.

So, if one wishes to compromise and place beauty over brain, she must not engage herself in redefining her charm by applying radiant shades of lipstick. But when men are asked about their opinion, they said a girl’s beauty is enhanced by the dusky shades and they are ready to slide in the redness of those juicy lips.