Lights Stop Working, Streets Fall Dark In Bankura


Bankura: Hundreds of three-headed street lights were installed in Bankura few years ago with the initiative of Bankura municipality. They were put on both the sides of the road. This not only made the city look beatiful but also filled the Ramananda road with bright lights.

But as years went by, several of these lights do not function anymore. They fall on the way from Schooldanga to Satighat. Some of the parts of the lights are even hanging. But the locals allege that despite of knowing everything, the Bankura administration did not take any step.

Ramananda Sarani is one of the main roads to enter the city. Any political leader or any governmental official from Kolkata uses this road to enter the city.

Political leaders like Burdwan MLA Sampa Daripa, district parishad former president Arup Chakraborty, TMC Youth president Shibaji Banerjee have their houses beside this road.

CPM’s district office, district information and culture department officials’ office and a private nursing home are in this road. Debabrata Mondal, a local said that it has been 6 months that most of the lights are malfunctioning. Despite informing the municipality several times, nothing worked. He said in disappointment that when the entire city is decorated in Diwali light, their city is dark.

CPM central committee member Amiya Patra said that it was not the intention to give lights to the streets. A manufacturing company was given the responsibility to install the lights. A higher amount was paid for Each of the lights which actually costs much more than the ones available in the market. He accused that a huge sum from this transaction was taken as a commission by the ruling party.

Reporting By: Timirkanti Pati
Editing By: Saheli Dey