Lights..Camera..SIMI !


From a simple middle class family to a lead actress in a mainstream Bengali film, that too directed by the veteran of ‘Bangla’ cinema Swapan Saha. The journey seems to be a fairy tale. But it is actually the tale of the new glam girl of T-town. We are talking about none other than the face which once stole many a heartbeat when it was up there on the hoarding campaign of a famous Bengali daily. Her flight towards popularity knew no bounds as she was the face of the ad campaign of a leading jewellery brand of the city. Apart from being in the top ten of Femina Miss India Contest, this happening ‘Miss’ was also associated with the branding campaign of certain beauty products. Yes, we are talking about Sharmistha Das who is popularly known as Simi in the industry.

Spandan Banerjee caught up with Simi as she spoke about her debut film ‘Cocktail’ which is scheduled to release on Feb 13 and also about the journey from a being a theatre actor to a mainstream heroine.


Kolkata24x7: How was it to work under Swapan Saha?

Simi: It was a huge learning experience. Almost like a dream come true feeling. Swapan Sir’s energy level and enthusiasm is remarkable. Got to learn a lot of things.

Kolkata24x7: Was it difficult for the first time to be on the Big Screen?

Simi: Not quite, being a theatre persona from an early age,it was not so difficult. I Have faced the camera many times in my life. So I have a kinda good chemistry with the lens.

Kolkata24x7: What is ‘Cocktail’ all about?

Simi: It is a complete entertainer. There is a proper dose of everything what an audience looks for.It has suspense, romance, comedy..a complete blend of everything. It even gives out a social message. The strong message is something to look out for.

Kolkata24x7: Any memorable moment while shooting..simi-1

Simi: (Laughs) Yes quite a few. (Pauses…) Well, here’s one. There was ascene when Rony Da(Rajatava Dutta) had to slap me. He slapped me and my reaction was to cry. I was not getting it perfect. Swapan Sir came upto me after several takes and said if I do not do it properly, he would scrap me in his next. I was so taken aback that I got emotional. Finally the scene was done although the catalyst for it being some other reason. Haha


Kolkata24x7: Well, that’s interesting. Apart from acting, what else do you love?

Simi: I was trained in Indian classical and Rabindrasangeet in my childhood. I love to sing. And Oh! Yes, I write and read a lot. One day,with God’s grace I would like to write my own film and compose its music even.

Kolkata24x7: The audience would wait for that. What is your dream role, favourite author and singer?

Simi: (Instantly) Mother India! Favourite author is Rabindranath Tagore and I love to hear Manna Dey’s songs.

Kolkata24x7: Cool. And now the much awaited question, are you single?

Simi: (Laughs) Yes, am single. I want to concentrate on my career and work as of now. (Smiles)


Kolkata24x7: Last question, any message for our audience?

Simi: Yes ofcourse, please come to the theatres on Feb 13 and watch my movie. On behalf of the entire film’s crew, I assure all of you that you will have something to take back home.

Kolkata24x7: Thanks a lot, Simi. Kolkata24x7 wishes all the very best for your upcoming film and life.

Simi: Thank you so much..

The film ‘Cocktail’ releases on Feb 13. Trombok Sib Roychowdhury, Simi, Rajatava Dutta, Subhasish Chatterjee, Biswanath and many others have been a part of ‘Cocktail’. The film marks a comeback of Swapan Saha. According to the lead starcast, the film promises to be a fun filled joyous ride for everyone.