Lightning & Strong Winds Triggered 10 Degree Drop In Temperature


Kolkata: Constant thunder, lightning and strong winds lashed the city, disrupting flight operations and triggering a 10-degree drop in temperature after a sultry morning.

While the Celsius buckling under the storm brought relief to a scorched city, a bolt of lighting tragically killed four children at Uluberia in Howrah. Another died in a wall collapse.

The day’s maximum temperature was 35.3 degrees Celsius, made worse by high humidity before clouds started gathering from noon and a 17km tall thundercloud blotted out the sun from around 2pm.

The weather office recorded a 10-degree plunge in temperatures from 32.5 to 22.5 degrees Celsius between 3pm and 4.30pm. Alipore received 23.6mm of rainfall while Joka recorded 43mm.

From north to south, the entire city received rainfall of varying intensity and volume. The maximum wind speed was 52kmph in Calcutta at 3.26pm, a Met official said.

Four children were killed and another injured by lightning at Damodarpara village in Uluberia. Police said Sk Mahroof, 11, Sk Shirazul, 12, Sk Manzoor, 10, Sk Ashique, 10, and Sk Alamgir, 9, were in a field picking mangoes that had fallen during the storm when tragedy struck.

While four of the kids died instantly, Alamgir suffered severe burns. A nine-year-old boy was killed when a portion of a wall collapsed on him at Koijuri, also in Uluberia.