Lightning Kills 3 & Injures 5 In Gangasagar


Diamond Harbour: Entire Sunday has passed like a rainy day along with strong lightning and heavy rain. Amidst all these lightning killed three people in Gangasagar and injured more five. Two separate incidents took place in Mahishmari and Patharpratima.

Heavy rainfall recorded almost everywhere in South Bengal on Sunday. Everyone was happy to receive splash of rain after a humid weather. Ten people group went to catch fish in the sea. Some people were playing football in the sea beach. Five people injured and three died in strong lightening when they were under shed.

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গঙ্গাসাগরে বাজ পড়ে মৃত তিন, আহত পাঁচ

The electrocuted people have been rushed to Rudrangar hospital. Bapi Das, Barun Kabi, Buddhadeb Kabi have died. One is class ten and another is class seven student among the three people.

On the other hand, Sankar Laya of 490 years old died when went for fishing to Jagaddal river of Patharpratima. Rai dighi resident Suprabhat Patra and Ganesh Patra are admitted in Diamond Harbour Mahakuma Hospital for the same reason.