Library Re-Opened After News Publish By Kolkata24x7


Bankura: An exclusive report by Kolkata24x7, a rural library of Radhanagar village in Bishnupur area of Bankura district of West Bengal re-opened after remaining closed for three months. It was a moment of celebration and rejoice for the local students of the area as well as the common people too. Everyone thanked Kolkata24x7 for standing by them.

This year on 31st October, a news was published in ‘Bangla Kolkata24x7’ news portal regarding the shut down of the government library of this rural area. Soon after the news was published speculation arise among the local administration. There was a huge stir at the administrative level of the district. At that time, Satyaban Mondal, a member of district library said to our reporter that the library will re-opened as soon as possible.

This library was established in 1959. Presently, the total strength of this library is 350. A large part of which is mostly students. This year in July the only librarian of this old library has retired. It’s been two months now but no staff has been appointed in this library since then. Locals claimed that after repeated complaints also no one has been appointed in this library.

On Monday, the library has been re-opened. On this day, the librarian of Sonamukhi Manikbazar Library Bishwanath Laha took over the responsibility of the library of Radhanagar Rural Library. It has been decided that he will take charge of this library on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for three days a week without the official holidays. Administration is happy to announce this decision to the people of the area from the Library Management Society.The editor of the Radhanagar Rural Library, Utsav Banerjee thanking Kolkata 24×7 said, “It is very good to see that from now onward again we will see students and other readers will come here and get there necessary books.”

Ashish Dey a resident of Radhanagar said that, “I have been a member of this library for a long time. Many book lovers like me used to go to the library every day. There were opportunities to read two or three newspapers in addition to the book. Last three months it was all closed. The library has re-opened in a few days after the Kolkata24x7 published the news.Hence, Kolkata24x7 has proved that media is also for the common people too.”

Reported By: Timirkanti Pati

Edited By: Mousumi Das