‘What A Liar You Are Vikram Chatterjee‘


Kolkata: What a liar you are Vikram Chatterjee!  Those holding onto #JusticeForSonika used these words to describe popular tele-serial actor Vikram Chatterjee since he claimed himself innocent at a press conference.

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People called him a liar. Ankita Banerjee, friend of Sonika, posted on facebook, “How big a liar you are Vikram.My friend say you drinking on that night. There remains no doubt that my friends Sonika died due to your irresponsibility. You were definitely rash driving. Remember, several did see you drinking that night. Their eyes would not take a minute to prove you wrong.”

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Another friend, Shireen Ashfaque said, “A great show put up ??
First u re-admit urself to the hospital so that u can stay away from the questioning and then u urself call for a press conference?? What are you thinking Vikram people around u are dumb or u can get away after what u have done ? Because u want to get back to work!  How will u work Vikram won’t the truth of that night haunt to and burden u for the rest of ur life? If u were not drunk or rash driving then how did the car be in that condition? Vikram Chatterjee we all saw u drinking that night in two night clubs.. and the people who rescued u and sonkia di from the accident have already spoken about the the way u drove that night near rashbehari so please if u think u can get away with this by lying through ur teeth and trying to gain sympathy lemme tell u it’s not gonna happen..”

Fans and friends of late model Sonika Singh Chouhan took to their social media to call the actor a liar. Vikram in a press conference on Friday denied all allegations against him including being drunk and driving the vehicle irresponsibly and at a speed beyond 120km/hour.

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His statement was: “I am not saying this to gain sympathy at this point but I really wish I was in Sonika’s place today. I would have had much peace. After all, I was behind the wheels that night. I’m sure many understand the pain you feel when you lose a friend — a part of your life, a special person. To see that person bleeding from all over. People are saying all sorts of things outside. They are saying that I readmitted myself purposely. Truth is, I wasn’t in a position to analyse my health condition. It was only after my closed ones told me I need to get readmitted that I did. Sonika was an integral part of my life — a special person. I don’t know how I will face her parents but I know that I have to. But I was neither drunk, nor speeding. What really transpired that night is something I will share with the police given that the case is sub judice. People are also saying that the car was zooming at 120 km/hr and that I was intoxicated. None of these are true.

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Since the day I felt aware of what had happened, I have been wanting to speak. First the doctors said, I can’t speak because I’m under severe stress and trauma. Truth is, I wanted to speak. Yesterday when I was released, my parents didn’t let me speak because they too think I’m in trauma. But I need to address the media and record my statement with the police. I wish I could have let Sonika’s parents know about her death sooner. I had two numbers memorized — one that of my dad and one that of my closest friend. Nothing will bring Sonika back but I want to be by her family’s side today. I have two roads ahead of me. One that leads to me sitting back and home and another that leads to getting back at work so 100 other families who work on a TV set don’t have to suffer because of me. I don’t know how soon I’ll return to work but I want to, the soonest.”

Not only taking their protests to the social media platforms, Sonika’s friends are trying to get justice for their friend. For this they have started a new hashtag #JusticeForSonika and are seeking for strict punishment of Vikram.