Lets Go To Mongpong To Bring In Cold


Alipurduar: Mongpong is a small hill village and this village is located on the bank of Teesta River. The Teesta River breaks into several streams here. Mongpong is located on the fringe of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and is home to several birds like brahminy duck, pintail duck, poachard, mallard and bar-headed goose that come here from Central Asia and Ladakh during winter.

The nature tourism centre of West Bengal Forest Development Corporation in Mongpong is 7 km from Odalabari of Duars. The cottage premise is embedded in the middle of a plantation of sal and segun trees by the side of Tista River. The mountainous terrain at the south of the cottage premise slopes down to merge into the jungle. Through the jungle passes the railway track to Alipurduar.

The four forest department cottages are named after birds like Kalij, Cuckoo, Monal and Tragopan. The first and the last ones are air conditioned. Besides there is one dining hall.

The Mongpong Nature Resort on the bank of Tista is a 15 minutes’ walk along the 31 National Highway from Mongpong towards Coronation Bridge. This is a popular winter picnic spot.


Mongpong is 29 km from Siliguri. All buses from Duars pass through Mongpong.


Cottages of West Bengal Forest Development Corporation
West Bengal Forest Development Corporation
6-A Raja Subodh Mullick Square
Arya Mansion, 7th Floor
Tel: (033) 22370060/61
Rent: Non-AC double-bedroom costs Rs. 800/- and AC double-bedroom costs Rs. 1,000/-