Let’s Fight Dark Forces Unitedly


Nikhilesh Roy Chowdhury: The seventieth year Independence celebration is going to celebrated all over India. The long legacy of struggles gave us ‘freedom at midnight’. From then, as Pandit Nehru had said, we braced ‘tryst with destiny’. Sometimes that tryst was turbulent, sometimes melodious. But we never turned our back from reality and the world outside.

Our great thinkers and statesmen had dreamt of an India with inspiring future. From Bankim Chandra Chattopaddhya that dream run had begun. May be in this worldly life much of those dreams have not been fulfilled. Some will never. But which we have achieved that was also not so insignificant. In fact, in a country like India, where diversity is so multi-evolving, integrity is the main key of any success. Through so many decades, we hold our integrity with cohesion. And, that is our chief achievement.

Those who are pessimist, they always try to portray their own country’s backwardness. May be they would be much more satisfied when their own pockets will pour with forex. But the multi-crore population of this country are content with their own livelihood. Because they have faith on their ‘Karma’ and inheritance of their forefathers. May be our top echelons are accustomed with corruption and hypocrisy, crores and crores of Indians are honest and humble, as they were in the time of Sawmi Vivekananda. And that is the inner power of India, which is burning forever.

America becomes a melting pot from its own necessity of existence. But India is a melting pot from time immemorial by its own cultural root. Still now, nobody could achieve to extract that root from its core. And that is also the strength of our country and our freedom and independence.

However, it is very despairing now when we see that a section of so called tech-savvy younger generation becomes just fodder of dark elements. They have no quest. They are just gullible as infants. Grub and vomit everything which they hear and see. Through net, dark elements generate hate relentlessly. Younger generation just throw themselves willingly and unwittingly in their chasm-like snares. In India, this is the real challenge now in front of our integrity, our sanity and our independence. Let’s face courageously the menace.