Lets fall in Love all over again


The World is celebrating a day in the name of Love on Saturday. Wearing the boot of the Age, the generation today has termed the occasion as Valentine’s Day. If one keeps aside the history of St. Valentine and the outings at Central Park, Nalban or Victoria, one can surely evade the new avenues of love which are associated with life no doubt, but we fail to hail the moments.

So on this day, Kolkata24x7 decides to celebrate love, but in the alternate way. Here are some of the moments of life which one would surely love to live all over again.

The first bunking of a class, the first movie with friends, a dance in the first rain of the season, cheering for your favourite team in the EPL, indulging into a debate over Uttam Kumar and Soumitra Chatterjee, seeing a Srijit Mukherjee film and appreciating it critically, shouting at YBK for East-Mohun, having a scoop at Mamamia, getting a simple ‘goodnight’ message from no one yet someone special, having a dinner with mom and dad and much more…A Bengali is incomplete without these and ‘Love’ is incomplete without ‘Bangaliana’

Yes, life is a tale of miss matches as well as ‘missed’ matches. We cherish for the moments that have gone by. A moment lived is the moment lost. So, we would not like to miss this opportunity and seal this moment of love with a promise of a continuous celebration of togetherness.

                         “Happy Valentine’s Day”

                                                                                                                -An effort by the entire team of Kolkata24x7