LeT To Attack India On IS Blueprint: Report


New Delhi: Islamic State (IS), the world’s deadliest terror group, is reported to have tried hard but failed to make its presence felt in India.

And now, the IS is reported to have changed its tactics and is believed to be co-ordinating with regional terror groups like the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) to carry out attacks in India.

The Deccan Chronicle reported on Wednesday about an alert issued by the Intelligence Bureau. The alert states: “ISIS is desperate to make its presence felt in India and for this purpose is trying to co-ordinate with LeT to outsource some of its operations.”

The alert further says the IS would plan and supervise the entire operation while it would be executed by the LeT, which already has a presence in India.

A lone wolf attack on a high profile target is also a real possibility under the plan, intelligence agencies believe.

“Such a high-profile attack will help ISIS mark its presence in the country as it would claim responsibility for it and, in the process, attract youth into joining its cadre,” the alert states.

The alert comes just days after a video emerged in which IS recruits from India were seen issuing a threat to carry out attacks here.