‘Let The Army Come & Tackle The Situation’


Kolkata: Eight long hours have passed, but the fire at Burrabazar’s Bagri market is
yet to be doused. The fire is still raging at 11 in the morning too. Panic is
rising due to the presence of houses nearby. Hundreds of shops inside the market
are completely gutted in the fire. In such a situation, the locals and businessmen
have no more faith. They want the help of the army immediately.

The fire broke out at 2:30 am and it spread late on. Even after nine hours the fire
could not be doused. The fire tending officials have no clue how to douse the
flames. Hence, the locals are losing all faith. They are saying that let the army
come and tackle the situation.

The army had helped in the rescue mission during the Majherhat bridge collapse. In
any incident, the Army have come to the help.

The businessmen believe that it is a loss worth crores before the Pujas. The fire
tending officials could not enter the market since the morning. It is impossible to
say how the fire could be brought into control.

According to the locals, the presence of inflammable products led to the spread of
fire quickly. The entire area is filled with black smoke.