“Let People Decide…”

Ashok Basu

The political parties have trumpeted their poll brass beagle and jumped into the fray for the upcoming Assembly polls 2016. Key opposition parties like Congress and Left Front have joined hands against a common foe. Speculations are high, rumours are flowing free.
The last Lok Sabha elections, if taken into consideration have clearly demonstrated the uprooting of Congress and Left Front in the state. Both the parties are literally fighting for existence. The opposition is now banking on a collective effort to thwart TMC march.
However, all is not smooth for the ruling TMC. Frequent reports of infighting within the party and allegations of misrule have been reported in the media. Reports also depicted a declining popularity of the party among the masses. Although, the critics are not bold enough to predict a downfall of the ruling government, some believed in the depletion of ruler’s strength.

এই প্রতিবেদনটি বাংলায় পড়তে ক্লিক করুন

Despite all the speculations (read Curse) I don’t believe that there is much for TMC to be worried about. The last Lok Sabha elections have clearly showed the opposition’s lack of mass base and a failure of command module. The opposition workers were nearly absent from the field. The war over graphiti for campaigning was literally onside and in favour of Trinamool. The opposition did not even dare to put a fight for capturing the walls in gullis and muhallas.
However, as reports of Congress, Left Front coalition started floating together this year, a small section of the opposition workers are seemed to have come out of their slumber. A few wall writings of CPM and Congress are visible here and there.
The TMC has already declared the candidate list for the 2016 Assembly polls in the state, which left many dissatisfied. Reports of clash over candidature have been widely reported. The party workers who failed to get a ticket have rebelled reported a section of media. The TV shows and media reports have projected a grim picture for the Mamata Banerjee led party. Many also prophesied sabotage. Is the picture really so dark?
A few days ago I went to Arambagh to attend a programme. I came across a retired teacher (name omitted). The locality is not exactly in Arambagh town but within Pirijpur, Pursura constituency. The person I met is also a respected figure in the area and has a much clear insight of the local politics. The TMC candidate who fought last time has been removed, and many reports of protests have also been heard.
I whispered in his ear, “I have heard people are not happy over the decision to change the candidate.” He looked at me for a while, then looked around and said, “No, we are happy over the decision. People are not happy with the MLA. He literally did nothing for the constituency.”
Looking around he again whispered, “Well this reflections are better to be kept between us.” The overture made me realize that despite people are supporting the decision contrary to reports, some vested interest are still behind the MLA.
During my stay there I also came across a local youth, a hardcore supporter of TMC. I asked casually about the ongoing infighting within the party. He blatantly replied,” Fake and fabricated. The reports of infighting are nothing. The last word lies with ‘Didi’ (Mamata Banerjee).”
Is it so? I wonder. The last call in every troubleshooting is with Didi only? Or is it with something else……….

The writer is the ex-Executive Editor of the Bengali daily ‘Bartaman’ and the ex-Associated Editor of ‘Sambad Pratidin’

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