Let Didi Fight For Shrikant Mohta, If He Is Honest, Challenges Somen


Kolkata: Pradesh Congress president Somen Mitra lashed out at chief minister Mamata Banerjee over the arrest of Shrikant Mohta, the owner of Venkatesh Films. He challenged the CM to answer why was Shrikant Mohta arrested.

The CBI arrested Shrikant, close to Mamata, on Thursday over rose valley scam. CBI has claimed that he has laundered money worth Rs 25 crores. He has also been accused of threatening Goutam Kundu and have used names of renowned people to take money from people. After questioning, he was arrested on Thursday.

On this, Somen Mitra said, “Shrikant Mohta is very close to Didi. When Didi went to Singapore, she took him with her. Didi will have to give explanation as to why has he been arrested. However, CBI has done the right work. People have understood that CBI is still active to catch thieves. Let Didi say that is he honest or a thief. If he is honest, then let her fight by standing by his side.”