Legion Hacking Group Targeting Govt Emails Next: Report


New Delhi: Over the last few weeks, a number of high profile hacks have propelled a group calling itself Legion into the limelight. The group first made the news after it hacked the Twitter account of Congress leader Rahul Gandi, and had access to the account for nearly a day. Then, last week, it hacked the accounts of Indian businessman and former Member of Parliament Vijay Mallya. Later it would go on to take over other prominent public figures’ Twitter accounts and release emails.

In an interview with Factor Daily, Legion hacking group stated that it has no political affiliations, before adding that its next target is going to be sansad.nic.in, from where it will make a dump of government emails. This could reveal sensitive details about government business if the group carries out its threat.

Legion hacking group also said that it will support Digital India if it was based on cryptocurrency. The group added that it has intercepted a lot of data and found contradictory information from AIADMK, which is why it has not released that so far.