Left Workers Being Threatened From Not Coming To Brigade: Surya Kanta


Berhampore: After TMC’s January 19 Brigade rally, the Left will conduct their Brigade rally on February 3. They have already started preparing and campaigning for it. Campaigning is also underway at Murshidabad.

CPM general secretary Surya Kanta Mishra presided over a press meet at the Berhampore’s CPM party office. He lashed out at both the state and central government. He said that since TMC has lost its honour in their Brigade rally, to revive it, the Left has called for another Brigade rally. Campaigning is underway from Jungle Mahal to Cooch Behar, East to West, North to South, to make it successful.

He said, “Following orders from the party, the people are doing meetings, rallies and making preparations for the Brigade rally. By seeing our preparation, the ruling party is scared and frightened. Their Brigade rally will fade in front of the Left’s Brigade rally. No transport facilities are being given so that the people cannot go to the meeting. The bus owners are being pressurised such that they do not take out their buses. It is also being said that all those buses which will run, will be checked.”

Mishra warned that if any leader or supporter is stopped from going to the brigade, or any  unwanted incident happens, then the state administration and the state government will be entirely responsible. He added, “We have complete faith that the supporters will go to the rally by fighting every obstacle. The Brigade ground will remain a witness to another historic gathering.”

He also alleged that permission was still to be obtained to scrap the ground. But he also alleged that in the same ground, the TMC scrapped the ground and made the stage.