Left-Wing Councillors To Visit Bagri Market On Tuesday


Kolkata: A left-wing delegation team of will visit Bagri market on Tuesday. From Kolkata Municipal Corporation office, the left councillors will move to the place to check the situation after three days.

The Bagri market fire in continuing after 48 hours. The staircase beside the wall also collapsed. Those who were inside, somehow escaped. A part of the entire market could be seen through the collapsed portion. The fire servicemen have again started giving water to this area. However, risk is still there that other parts of the building might collapse like this.

The fire servicemen are trying their level best to douse the flames. The Kolkata Police is working along with them. Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar is also at the

Kolkata Municipal Corporation Mayor and Fire Brigade minister Sovon Chatterjee has visited Bagri market on Monday afternoon. He took a tour to every corner of the area and interacted with the media. He said that Chief Minister went in an administrative tour. But she is aware of every details and taking every whereabouts regarding the Bagri market fire incident.

Businessmen are facing bad days due to the devastating fire in Bagri market. Uncertainty is the only answer knocking them right now. Allegation of sabotage is hitting the ground. The local business people has said that, “the owners were very highly interested on promoting. They did not have a good relation with those who were there on rent.”