Left Slams Govt For ‘Petty Politics’ Over Dengue Outbreak


Kolkata: The CPM on Sunday slammed the state government again for its failure to control the dengue outbreak in the state, and dared it to publish the “actual reports” on dengue deaths.

Speaking at a press conference here, CPM state secretary Surjya Kanta Mishra said: “The Trinamool Congress government is indulging in petty politics over dengue menace in the state. The Siliguri Municipal Corporation (which is ruled by Left Front) has showed how to tackle dengue outbreak. The state government must take lessons from this civic body on how to tackle the present situation. The [Siliguri] civic body has managed to do such a good job, despite the state government not providing proper funds. Funds allotted for Siliguri Municipal Corporation were given to Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority. We condemn this.”

“We dare the state government to publish the actual report on dengue deaths in the state. It cannot take its hands off the matter and continue to suppress facts,” he added.

The CPM leader also said the Left Front’s recent padyatras, taken out across the state under the banner of Bengal Platform for Mass Organisations (BPMO), were successful.

“Our workers have reached out to over 50 per cent booths in the state. We even managed to hold rallies and meeting at places where we could not do so earlier due to ruling party terror. This is a big success before next year’s panchayat polls,” Mishra said.