Left Protest Turns Violent, Biman Basu Hurt

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Kolkata: The protest called by Left Front against the ruling Trinamool government on Thursday turned violent as protesters clashed with police on the streets. Left Front Chairman Biman Basu was hurt as police lathicharged on the agitators. Basu sustained a blow on his head.

As per reports, Khidirpur, Dufferin Road, PTS, Foreshore Road, turned into battle ground as thousands of left supporters stormed police barricade and overturned the hurdles. Protesters hurled bricks at the policemen injuring one. Situation turned violent after RAF and police fired teargas and lathicharged on the crowed.

Biman Basu was leading the protesters at Red Road when police charged on the crowed. Basu after receiving a blow from the cops collapsed on the road and was taken away by fellow protesters.

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