Learn Kannada Or Get Sacked: Bank Employees Directed


Bangalore: The Karnataka Development Authority (KDA) has issued a circular to all nationalised, private and rural banks to instruct their non-Kannada speaking employees to learn the local language in six months or they will lose their job.

In a circular issued on Monday, KDA chairman SG Siddaramaiah asked the regional heads of the banks to make it mandatory for all non-Kannada speaking staffers to learn the language. It has instructed the banks to establish a Kannada unit in all the branches.

“I have sensed that there has been a lack of will in implementing the local language in several banks. We can’t ignore the fact that not paying due respect to the local language can lead to conflicts in future. The banks have to take up the said measures on an emergency basis,” Siddaramaiah said.

The KDA has also asked the banks to implement Dr Sarojini Mahishi report, which said that the local applicants must get the Group C and D posts. Siddaramaiah said he will later visit the bank branches to ascertain that the instructions of the KDA have been implemented effectively.