To Learn Easily, Toy Bank For Underprivileged


Kolkata: Children can learn a lot from playing. When you give your child educational toys and play with them with her, it gives her a chance to bond with you, learn, and have fun at the same time. And making education enjoyable will help your child retain the things she learns and develop a positive attitude toward learning.

With this vision a city based NGO from North Kolkata, takes an initiative to donate toys for the underprivileged. They asked for Toybank also. Toybank is about gifting toys to those children who have been deprived of so many things, let alone the ‘luxury’ of toys. Agreed there is poverty and misery around, but can we afford to have children around us growing up unhappy?

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In most of our homes, in some corner, packed inside cardboard boxes, we have toys that lay unused and useless. Have you thought that they could bring joy to the life of children who never had toys to play with? Take them out of those boxes, wrap them up and send across to Toybank – you’ll feel a silent satisfaction sweep inside you.

Almost 500 children gets colourful toys by the NGO on the Christmas Morn. The NGO started off gathering toys for street children in Kolkata. The very innocence of this initiative attracted fabulous response from people. Toys started flooding in and Toybank gift wrapped the donated toys with love and placed them in the hands of these kids.

It might seem like a simple toy gifting idea, but there is an enormous mental, emotional and creative development that these toys trigger. Toybank started noticing that the kids were slowly opening up, began to feel important and wanted, and started expressing themselves better.

According to the head of the NGO D. Ashis ‘ By taken this kind of initiative, we can easily assure that atleast children don’t go to the garbage to search for any toys. They will play happily with it and it will help them to grow up. They will learn things more.”