Leakage Reported At Gujarat Nuclear Plant

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Surat: A unit of the Kakrapar Atomic Power Station in Gujarat had to be shut down after a leakage was reported today morning. The leakage was reported in the primary heat transport system of the power plant. No nuclear radiation has been reported, officials said.

“Consequent to a small leak in Primary Heat Transport (PHT) System, the reactor was shut down as intended as per design provisions. All safety systems are working as intended. The radioactivity/radiation levels in the plant premises and outside are normal,” a statement issued by the plant administration said.

Emergency services of the nuclear plant and Vyara district administration have been alerted.

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The power plant consists of two 220 MW reactors. The first reactor was commissioned in September 1992 and it started commercial production of electricity in May 1993.

The second unit was commissioned in January 1995 and it began producing electricity commercially in September 1995.