Lawyers Rumpus In Cease-Work Withdraw Meeting


Kolkata: A bilateral clash is on its way in Calcutta High Court. A part is ready to leave the cease-work. But the counter part is prepare to continue the cease-work condition. BAR association of Calcutta High Court witnessed unprecedented incident om Thursday.

According to the source, Bar association members held meeting to come into point. Brawl turned violent among the two counterpart by throwing chairs to each other. Few people have been injured. But a question mark has been raised on the meeting that the meeting will bring any solution to the negotiation or the clash will continue for long.

কর্মবিরতি প্রত্যাহারের বৈঠকে হাতাহাতিতে জড়ালেন আইনজীবীরা

Four new judges will take oath in Calcutta High Court. Those are Amrita Sinha, Joy Sengupta, Biswajit BAsu, Avijit Ganguly. They in Calcutta High Court. They will take oath as judges with permission of President.