Lawyers Continue to Boycott HC Judge


Kolkata: The lawyers continue to boycott the bench of Calcutta High Court Judge Justice Girish Gupta on allegations of misbehavior, on the 10th working day on Tuesday. The Bar Association has demanded an apology by justice Gupta.

Ammeting of Bar Association’s general body on Tuesday failed to find a solution and the deadlock remains. "We could not reach any conclusion and as such the meeting was adjourned," Calcutta High Court Bar Association general secretary Suranjan Dasgupta told a news agency.

Justice Gupta, who is being boycotted by the lawyers, has directed the Association leadership to represent itself before his court tomorrow and explain whether such boycott can be resorted to and who were preventing litigants from entering his court room.

"Our senior counsels will appear before Justice Gupta's court and explain our stand," he said.

Justice Gupta sat in his court as on previous days and the list was called out. However, as there was no lawyer present in the court room, he rose and retired to his chamber later in the day.

The Bar Association had said in its resolution on July 22 that owing to misbehaviour and insult meted out to advocates for a pretty long time, it took a resolution to abstain and refrain from attending the bench headed by Justice Gupta.

The Bar Association wrote to Chief Justice Manjula Chellur that lawyers would not attend the court of Justice Gupta till he apologises to the lawyers.