Last Try To Save ‘Mayor’ Designation Of Sovan


Kolkata: He has lost ministry in three departments. The designation of ‘Mayor’ is the last hope to be in administration. Mamata Banerjee has already given the order to give resignation. But the formal resignation ha not yet submitted. The tension increasing over the submission of resignation.

In an interview to a TV channel, Sovan Chatterjee said that, the official resignation will be submitted timely. Many people from the party are trying to save Sovan his Mayorship. Many people of Mamata’s family have raised their voice for Sovan Chatterjee. Some people thinks that the designation will be there for Sovan.

Talking to the media, Sovan Chatterjee said that, “Mamata Banerjee want me to give resign. I have always abide by her words. So the resignation will also be submitted timely. Hold your patience foe sometime.”

Sovan Chatterjee and Mamata Banerjee sharing a relation since long time. As per the TMC source, many people of Mamata’s family likes Sovan Chatterjee. They do not want to see him as a bankrupted person. Those who are well wishers of Sovan are trying to highlight the other side of the situation.

A close-person of Sovan Cahtterjee said that, “Sovanda has helped many people. Everyone can not be dishonest. Those who have remembered they will try in their own capasity to save Mayorship. But everything depends on Didi.”

But Sovan Chatterjee is not worried of his power and positions. He clearly said that, the prestige of his friend Baishaki Banerjee matters more than his position. The last decision knows one and only TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee.