Last Gas Balloon Wala Of Kolkata Still Looking For Miracle


Kolkata: The happiness has never come to his life but he brings smile to the others. But how? the answer is, by selling gas balloons.

সুখের আশায় বসে দিন গুনছেন শহরের শেষ গ্যাস বেলুনওয়ালা

Ekramul Haque Probably the last gas balloon wala in the city of Joy. 76 years old still dreams of happiness. Ekramul came from Ripon Street to the Elgin Road with his rickety broken cart, a tingling bell hanging by the side, the magic gas-producing machine hiding inside and a handful assortment of colorful balloons tied in one corner.


Balloons are something which creates a blissful moment in the hearts of people. It enlightens the festive mood with its elegant design, colour and pattern.Thousands of gas balloons were sold in festive seasons. But apart from this festive days, sometimes Rs 200 or Rs 50 are came to the pocket by selling balloons. Sometimes returned with empty handed.

Sometimes he sold gas balloon to the birthday party for making profit. The balloon man who would conjure the finest of gas-filled balloons that would want to float away into the sky. But the city’s last gas balloon wala does not feel happy.

Ekramul said, “There is no gas balloon wala left in the town. Everyone has taken another profession. I could not. Many people have left the job because the risk to carry cylnder. Slowly as things began to change, the numbers kept reducing.”

Struggle grasps him but he never give up. Ekramul helped his son Ijaz in studies. He also opened a trailor shop for his son. Ekramul added, “Son do not like to sell balloons. I never forced him.”

He said in low tune that the city will lose gas balloons after my death. Ekramul still looking for happiness. One day may he get all happiness or may get the rewards of struggle.

Reported By- Souptik Banerjee

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee