Landslide Kills Five in Meghalaya


Shillong: Two separate incident of landslide killed five people in Meghalaya on Tuesday. The landslides were triggered by heavy rain, which have been continuing for the last two weeks.

Four people of a family were sleeping inside their home in Nakham Bazaar in Tura when a landslide hit the area. All four died. Another person was killed in a separate landslide in Akongre.

Both these areas are close to the Assam border, where the flood situation is worsening with the Brahmaputra and Jia Bharali rivers flowing above the danger mark in some places.

One lakh seventy five thousand people across 11 districts have been affected in Assam, with Goalpara being the worst affected. Many link roads, and small bridges, especially in Goalpara, are under water.