Land Tussle In Bolpur On Biswa Bangla University Plan


Bolpur: The tussle over a 300-acre plot acquired by the Left Front government to set up an industrial park in Bolpur has intensified after Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee asked officials on Wednesday to speed up a pet project, Biswa Bangla university, on a portion of the land.

On Thursday, some activists tried to enter the plot but were held back by police before they could meet some of the landlosers, a section of whom claimed they were paid poor compensation and have moved the high court demanding the land either be used for industry or be returned to them.

সিঙ্গুর-নন্দীগ্রামের জমি আন্দোলনের ছায়া এবার বোলপুরে

The CPM and the Congress have planned protests ahead of the rural polls this year.
Sources said Mamata had got a whiff of the protests and ordered fast-tracking of the varsity plan to head off the backlash. The university will be set up on 50 acres and Gitanjali, a smart city opposed by the land-losers, is to come up on 131 acres.

“Those trying to prevent this (varsity), people will stop them,” said minister and local Trinamul MLA Chandranath Sinha.