LaMo Bribed Sushma: Rahul


New Delhi: A day after Sushma Swaraj tried to explain her position in connection with UK governmment granting travel visa to Lalit Modi, there is no let up in the Congress salvo at her.

Both Sonia and Rahul Gandhi attacked her on Friday. While Sonia Gandhi called Sushma Swaraj an expert at theatrics, Rahul Gandhi went one step further to ask how much money Lalit Modi had paid Swaraj's family to help him stay out of jail.

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Congress President Sonia Gandhi's comment that Swaraj was an expert at theatrics is an apparent reference to Foreign Minister's emotional defence on the floor of Lok Sabha on Thursday.

On Thursday, in Lok Sabha Swaraj asked a rhetorical question about whether Sonia Gandhi would have let a patient die if she was in her position. Swaraj's entire consideration has been that she intervened only because of humanitarian considerations.

Sonia responded that she would have helped but without breaking the law.

Congress decided to continue its protest against the decision of speaker to suspend 25 Party MPs in front of Gandhi statue, near Parliament on Friday.