Lalit Modi Applies For Citizenship in Caribbean


New Delhi: In a fresh bid to evade law, fugitive cricket czar Lalit Modi has applied for citizenship in the tax haven of Saint Lucia, a move likely to be scuttled by the government.

The former commissioner of the Indian Premier League, currently in the United Kingdom, has applied for Saint Lucia’s citizenship under its investment scheme.

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Saint Lucia in the Caribbeans is considered to be one of the best tax havens in the world. It maintains highest banking secrecy standards. Despite its reputation of being a popular tax haven, St Lucia is believed to be selective about giving citizenship and follows a due diligence process before giving it.

The documents, copies of which are with India Today TV, show Modi has still applied for the citizenship along with his family. However, Modi’s controversial move is likely to be scuttled since St Lucia has asked for his background check through Interpol. A background check is done to ensure there are no criminal proceedings against an applicant.

Modi has a number of cases pending against him in various courts of law in India. If the Indian unit of the Interpol sends an adverse report, he is unlikely to get the citizenship.

The government last month said it will seek Modi’s extradition once it receives revised requests from the Enforcement Directorate, which is probing him and other executives associated with the IPL since 2012 for alleged violation of anti-money laundering laws.