Lalgarh Tiger Still Remains Elusive


Jhargram: Four days have passed since a full-grown tiger was spotted at Madhupur village in Lalgarh, the forest department officials are yet to capture the animal despite setting up two cage traps inside the forest.

The presence of the adult male tiger was confirmed on Friday when photographs taken by camera traps showed it roaming in Lalgarh forest. Lalgarh has no previous record of tiger sightings. Cages were set up at two places in the Madhupur forest area in Lalgarh on Saturday evening.

The forest department officials are bringing two more cages from the Sunderbans which may be installed in different locations inside the forest. Two cages have been already been set up at two different locations within a distance of around 1 km in Madhupur forest.

Making matters worse for the officials, the herd of 18 elephants has been roaming in the area where the cages have been set up to catch the tiger.

The incident has triggered tension among the locals many of whom have confined themselves inside their houses. Jhargram district administration and forest department officials are yet to see any success as the animal remained elusive till late Monday evening.

So far, four pictures of the tiger have been taken in the trapped Camera. Forest officials suspect that the tiger might have taken refuge in some other portion as the elephants have now intruded the area.