Lakhs Jewellery Looted In Disguise of AC mechanic


Nadia: Miscreants have looted more than lakhs jewellery from a flat in disguise of a AC mechanic in Chakdaha on Thursday. But did not last for long as police arrested them. They were well planned to run after the place. But the driver helped to grab both.

Subhajit Poddar of government colony claimed, two miscrents came in disguise of AC mechanic around 11 in the morning and were waiting for the right moment. Police source said, the weight of the bangle is 44gm which cost 1 lakh 40 thousand.

মেকানিক সেজে লক্ষাধিক টাকার গয়না চুরি

The owner suspected that bopth can any escape anytime. He filed an FIR against the both of them. On the basis of the FIR police has arrested them. Police couldn’t bring any information after the interrogation. After the interrogation of the driver he told the truth and recovered the gold bangle.