Lakh Of Devotees Gathers To Witness ‘Kumari Puja’ At Belur Math


Howrah: Following the tradition, Ramkrishna Mission Belur Math has arranged Kumari Puja like every year on Wednesday. Lakh of devotees gathered in the worship of a prepubecent girl at Belur Math as the Durga puja fervor peaked on Maha Ashtami.

The Kumari Puja started on 9 am on this morning. Here feminine girl worshiped as Kumari.

Once Swami Vivekananda worshipped a girl as goddess. He started Durga Puja in Ramkrishna Mission in 1901 and the Kumari Puja followed by that. Girl between 5 to 12 years gets worshiped.

Five years old Solvia Mukherjee, resident of Howrah was chosen as the Kumari at Belur Math this year. At break of dawn, the Kumari was bathed in Ganga water, draped in a red sari, adorned with flowers and jewellery, with a ‘sindur (vermillion) tilak’ on her forehead. The Kumari fasts till the puja is over.

The security system has been tightened focusing the gathering of devotees. The area has been covered with huge security.

People across the state and country used to come to visit the special puja oprganised on Maha Ashtami. The Kumari form of the Goddess was emphasised as the most dynamic form by the devotees since yester years as Kumari Shakti is the basis of all creations.

Our scriptures have emphasised Kumari Puja particularly to evolve the purity and divinity of the women of the society. Diminishing the larger than life stature of the Goddess to someone much nearer and closer is the real reason for this form of worship.