Lady molested by TMC Panchayat Chief’s son

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Bally: The son of Panchayat Chief is alleged to have molested a lady on Monday. According to sources, the boy along with his friend was playing at the field near the house of the lady. Suddenly, a ball went inside the house. The accused along with his group went to the lady’s house to get back the ball. But, the lady refused to give it back. It is at this situation when the boy is said to deploy muscle power to  molest her.

However, the Panchayat Chief has disregarded any such incident and complaint. She has said that the complaint is completely baseless. Romeo Das, the accused has been roped in to the incident, feels his mother. The Panchayat Chief has even said that it is not possible for her son to molest infront of his friends who were also present  at the spot.