Lady Gaga Hints New Song Is About Taylor Kinney


Los Angeles: Pop star Lady Gaga has appeared to hint that her track “Perfect Illusion” is about her relationship and subsequent break up with actor Taylor Kinney.

“It is about love. Of course it is. It is about all kinds of relationships, every kind of love in your life and mine,” she said.

“And I think it’s both sides – it’s not really from the woman’s perspective this song – it was important to me that men, when they heard this song, felt connected to women even though the song is essentially about a barrier between us.

“The song essentially is about how I believe that many of us are wondering why so many fake things that are around us appear to be real. They appear to be so real and it’s almost impossible to decipher anymore what is authentic and what isn’t.”

The 30-year-old “Bad Romance” hitmaker said she finds it difficult to meet new people, reported Female First.

“It’s not that easy to meet new people, no, like just strangers which I miss, I do. I will also be good speaking to strangers, which is really not a thing to teach to children, I find people interesting. I still make friends; it’s just not like it used to be I guess.