Lack of money stops Midday meal at Kandi


Murshidabad: It is a pity that when the urban area is advancing and flowing in the waves of WiFi, 12 primary schools in the Kandi area of Murshidabad is not being able to serve midday meals to children. According to reports, the midday meal has been stopped due to unavailability of rice and pulses. As the sanctioned money was not provided to the school authorities, they had taken the initiative on their own. The required grocery items needed to carry on the midday meal was purchased from a local grocery shop. But unable to pay, the amount of debt has increased to a sum of Rs 1500. As a result of which, they are unable to provide the midday meal facility.

The head master of the school has said that if the Government does not look into the matter and provide the required fund, it is not possible for them to carry on with the midday meal facilities. However, Goutam Roy, the local councilor has assured them that the required funds will be sanctioned soon and the children would be able to avail the facility.