Labourers to work 10 hours every day of the week: Govt


Kolkata: The workers in West Bengal have to work for 10 hours every day of the week, as the government is thinking to woo the industrialist by increasing working hours.

Showing a tough stance to revive the depleted work culture in the state, West Bengal government Labour Secretary Amol Roychowdhury during a key meet with the industrial bosses and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee on Monday, said the government is thinking on to increases the working hours to 10 a day and that too for every 7 days a week.

The announcement had already ensued a new row, as the trade unions won’t be taking increases from usual 8 working hours a day to 10 happily. If implemented the labourers have to forgo the weekly off they avail now.

Speculations are that the industrialists are reluctant to invest in Bengal owing to the stance of state government, so to attract investment the initiative is being implored by the government.

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