Kunal’s ‘speedpost’ to Narendra Modi

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Kolkata: Out of the blues, come one of the most stirring events that took plac ewhen Modi was in a 3 day trip to China and Korea. It is learnt that, the jailed TMC MP, Kunal Ghosh had personally written a letter to PM Narendra Modi in connection to the Saradha Chitfund Scam. The letter was sent to Modi when he was in the international tour, confirmed the sources. Ghosh had even sent a personal courier along with the letter. Kunal had always asked to sit before the CM to clear out the Scam in which he has been arrested. But the the police or the court did not give any green signal to such a scenario. Taking a big leap, Kunal  has now played in the Central political sphere by writing a letter to PM. The letter was sent by speed post.