Kunal refuses to board the prison van


Kolkata: Kunal Ghosh has always stirred up something or the other whenever he has made a public appearance after being arrested. From hurling at the CM, to taking sleeping pills or asking about Argentina’s venture during the World Cup, the arrested TMC MP has always furnished the news media with a headline material.

Wednesday was of no exception. Kunal Ghosh refused to get into the prison van when he was being taken to the Alipore Court. Kunal raised instances citing that Madan Mitra has been given ‘special’ treatment in the prison. Apart from food and beverages the arrested minister has been given a cell phone even to make calls.

So, why would there be a difference in treatment with Kunal. It is unfair on the part of jail authorities to give someone all the amenities and keep away the others form the basic necessities of life.