Kunal’s jail custody extended till Feb 25

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Kolkata: “If Srinjoy Bose gets bail cashing on IPC 409, why wouldn’t I get the same privilege,” this was the question which Kunal Bose had raised on Wednesday at the Bankshal Court in Kolkata. Kunal went on to say that the judgement should be the same for everyone.

Srinjoy Bose’s lawyers cashed in the gap created by the uninclusion of IPC 409 and secured bail for their client. It is after this incident, the CBI lawyers took an active step and made sure that IPC 409 is included in the chargesheet of Madan Mitra and co.

However, pouring cold water to Kunal’s plea, the jail custody of Kunal, Sudipto Sen an Debjani’s jail custody has been extended till Feb 25.